Essential tips to develop SEO friendly website

by Tarun Jaitely

Online presence is essential for any business website as it reaches to the targeted audience worldwide. Internet is a tool that helps in bridging the gap between all audiences. Website is a main tool for online businesses and it is a essential to build a search engine friendly website which your customers loves. So whenever you design your website, make sure you pay attention to your goals and strategies of designing.

SEO is a process that helps a website improve its ranking on major search engines like Google or yahoo. High ranking means greater visibility of a website on search engine. This helps business websites to be seen by worldwide visitors. Though SEO service is a long time investment but it also provides long term interest.

An attractive website combined with SEO impresses long distance customers and helps generate great business. Website design is a basic building block for any business to attract worldwide customers. The design should be SEO friendly. The website must be SEO friendly to get optimal ranking on its search results.

The basic things that need to be considered while developing a website:

Keyword Placement

- In SEO friendly web design, it is necessary to insert keyword in page title. It is recommended to include keywords in urls, directories and folders of websites. Make the headers using relevant keywords of the page content so that it can be read by the Google bot easily. Keyword placements in pages get more traffic and visitors. Visitors search internet for information with the help of keywords.

Rich Content

- Include relevant content in the website that is purely related to the business and services offered by the business. It is most essential to fill most consistent content in your website to be on the top of your competitors. It is the content that makes first impression on the readers to judge whether


- Another important area that should be taken care of is Navigation. Make menus and links of each page easy to understand as is the website is easy to navigate, the spiders give them a good rank. Build a structure that search engines can follow. The users should not be confused in the pages of the websites visited. Tell viewer the path traveled and how to get back to the previously visited pages. An easy navigation always helps visitors move in your site easily.

Social Media

- Using social media build trust and get exposer. Get recognition by the spiders by inserting links to your social media page. Use social media for link building and build relationships with customers. Linking sites on Facebook, twitter will help boost the ranking.

Relevant use of images

- If you are putting images in your website, make sure that the images and content of the page are related. You can also tag images according to the specific keyword.

No Flash

- Say no to flash in your websites. Though using flash is appealing but the major disadvantage is it bring SEO down. Flash content is not at all understood by the spiders.

A good web design holds a lot of importance to make online business successful. Designing a SEO friendly website is essential to attract and engage visitors and make online business successful. SEO service helps in increasing web traffic and these services needs frequent updates.

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